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Annie King में 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Annie King - My Friend's Hot Mom

टायलर अपने घर पर अपने दोस्त का इंतजार कर रहा है जब उसके दोस्त की एक माँ, एनी किंग की एमआईएलए घर आती है और उसके साथ चैट करना शुरू कर देती है। उसने एक अफवाह सुनी कि उसके बेटे के दोस्तों के साथ एक शर्त चल रही थी जिसमें एनी और टायलर गोमांस फैलाते थे। पता चला कि लगभग दो साल पहले उन्होंने एक शर्त लगाई थी। जो कोई भी एनी जीतता है और टायलर के लिए भाग्यशाली है, वह सही समय पर सही जगह पर है। वह टायलर शर्त जीतने के लिए चाहता है और अपने मुर्गा के साथ उसे गीला बिल्ली भरने के लिए चाहता है.

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Annie King में 'Dinner Guest Dines On Wife's Pussy'

Annie King - Dinner Guest Dines On Wife's Pussy

Between the horny hostess (Serenity Cox) and a horny guest couple (Kyle Mason and Annie King), this simple dinner party was always destined to get sexy and dirty. Sneaky fucking, sneaky handjobs, cum flying everywhere... all under Serenity's hubby's nose!

Annie King में 'DF Xtra'

Annie King - DF Xtra

Annie King and Scotty P. used to date, that was until Annie got a little possessive and Scotty decided to leave her. Scotty does miss Annie. Especially since she had a big fetish for rimming man ass. Scotty misses the days her tongue was between those cheeks. He luckily got a chance to relive those glory days because Annie decided to drop by. At first she tried to use an excuse that she had to pick up some stuff. What she really wanted was to get her juicy pussy filled and tongue fuck some dude butt. Scotty really wasn't feeling it at first given their history. He gave in when she offered to spread his legs and worship him like a king. Most men would love the chance and of course he said yes. He even got to cum on some hot tits for all his trouble.